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What we do

We grow, buy, and sell bulk cannabis in California.


What makes us special

We are a data-driven cannabis bulk supplier creating an easier, modern way to purchase bulk cannabis that is farmer-strong.


Our team is


We recognize both the opportunity and responsibility we have in this business. We strive to be present, ethical, honest and aware.


To our farmers. To our customers. To each other. This is not only a trait, but a value that keeps us honest, diligent, and on mission.


We are both active and responsive, deftly navigating the new territory we are charting. Or empathy empowers chameleon-like relatability to our diverse range of customers and partners.


This is inherent in everything we do, because transparency is impossible if what's behind the curtain isn't real. We're a breath of fresh air in this industry- knowledgeable, trustworthy, and authentic.


We believe that making regulated, quality cannabis more accessible will revolutionize the industry and improve lives. This is worth our relentless pursuit of the best, most innovative solutions.


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